The Body Adorned: Dressing London

The Body Adorned is a fascinating exhibition that has recently opened at south London’s cultural gem, The Horniman Museum,¬†exploring how body adornment has become part of London life across times and cultures

Back in January, acapmedia were invited to make the above trailer to help promote the exhibition, which was due to open in March. So we had the task of making a trailer for something that didn’t quite exist yet. The first step was to speak to Wayne Modest, the exhibition curator, or, as we learnt through interviewing him, the co-curator. The exhibition has been co-curated by two groups of young Londoners that have been working with the museum over the past few years. Speaking with Wayne it became clear how integral the work of the young people had been and how important it was to the Horniman team.

As we were already lined up to interview some of the Horniman Youth Panel and photography group, we were asked to make another video to complement the trailer that describes the relationship between the young people and the museum. Everyone spoke honestly and positively, explaining the co-curation process and were all hopeful for the beneficial relationship with the museum to continue. We had a great time talking to the young people and hearing their stories about how their work with the museum inspired and helped them grow. The enthusiasm from everyone involved in the exhibition was clear and shows the museum’s commitment to ensuring young peoples’ voices are heard.

The exhibition was officially launched on 27 March by special guest Vivienne Westwood who spoke describing her love for the museum. You can see some of the pics and tweets here