Merry Christmas 2012

This week we decided that the best Christmas Card acapmedia could make would be a video card.

We thought we’d draw on the Christmas tree and celebrate the local area in South London to capture our ever-growing festive feeling. I wanted it to feel like getting back to a warm home after a cold walk outside doing the Christmas shopping.

I popped to Bellenden Road where I spotted a very cute little dog get a pre-Christmas pampering at Dog About Town but just as I had started my journey it started to rain! As committed to the project as I was, being cold AND wet was not ideal so I headed off home but by the time I reached Goose Green the rain had pulled back and so I got some nice footage of the roundabout and Lordship Lane before heading up the lane to  Franklin’s Farm Shop.

Franklin’s had some lovely old-fashioned paper chains drawing your eye into the panettone. I met Tim who I had only previously communicated with on twitter. From there I walked down the Lane and popped into Roullier White and reminisced with Anna about the Christmas we had danced together in the store and I had nearly done her back in with a dramatic deep dip to finish. Well I reminisced, Anna couldn’t remember! Charming. The store smelt beautifully and I was able to film a few lovely things including the very sweet “Xmas” mug in the video.

Then I headed up “fashionable North Cross Road” where I filmed enough to make a video of its own. The crazy cute penguin is from The Fresh Flower and his avian friend, the dove, graces the window of Ed. The much-loved Hope and Greenwood had the lovely traditional Christmas lollypop decorations outside, naturally. Then I popped into the Vintage Shop just off the main road on Fellbrigg Road where I filmed far more vintage treasures.

At Crystal Palace Road, North Cross Road magically turns into Upland Road, which I have never understood. On Upland road there was some lovely Christmas Tree lights displayed above the Plant Nation Garden Centre. The chap there, whose name I didn’t get, asked me if I wanted the lights to do anything special but they looked fantastic as they were especially with the sun not having quite set yet. Then I popped into one of the newer East Dulwich shops, Rye Books, which I just loved. There was such a choice of wonderful Christmas books to look through but we settled on the magical book in the video with that fine pop-out detail. I had to tear myself away before I fell in love with the second cute dog of the day. Actually while I was out I saw two beautiful dogs wearing antlers that I would have loved to have featured in the video but they were gone while I was mid-gossip. Is it possible to walk round East Dulwich without bumping into someone you know?

I finished my walk by heading to Peckham Rye where I caught the lovely image of yet more penguins purveying the Rye (just as I was about to do) in the window Roy Brooks. The Rye looked amazing. There was a low-lying mist and the orange setting sun was catching the windows on the east side. A magical end to my little tour of the area. I was happy to get back into the warm, grab a cuppa and film some final shots of the decorations in my house.

Then I left it to Chris to edit the footage, which he did in an afternoon, and then rustled up the music using Garageband on his iPad that evening.

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acapmedia have had a great 2012 and we are grateful to all our friends, clients and colleagues who we have worked with and who have supported us. We wish you all and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here’s to 2013!